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Act for Earth with YKAN

Leaves Muara Angke Wildlife Reserve © Oka Rahardian

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Dialog Konservasi
Action for the Earth Dialog Konservasi on Friday (27/8) which presented the Head of Jakarta BKSDA Abdul Kodir, YKAN Executive Director Herlina Hananto, professional photographer Arbain Rambey, YKAN BHS Program Coordinator Awaludinnoer, Ligwina Hananto and Ben Kasyafani as moderators © YKAN

At the end of August 2021, Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN) announced the ending of the Misi Lestari campaign held since July 2021 and the last chance to register for The Nature Conservancy Global Photo Contest until August 31, 2021. YKAN announced it in one of the installments of Dialog Konservasi series titled “Beraksi untuk Bumi” (“Act for Earth”) starred Abdul Kodir, Head of Jakarta BKSDA, Arbain Rambey, professional photographer, Awaluddinoer, YKAN Bird’s Head Seascape Program Coordinator, and Ligwina Hananto, who was one of the supportive public figures of Misi Lestari campaign, on Friday, August 27, 2021.

“We all have the duty to conserve nature by contributing in our way. Contributing through our hobbies can be the easiest and most effective way to contribute significantly. It can be in the form of running while, at the same time, acting for nature or capturing moments in nature that are always full of surprise. Through daily activities, we can lend a voice to those who cannot speak,” said Herlina Hartanto, YKAN Executive Director.

The Misi Lestari campaign held for the first time by YKAN in 2021 successfully participated by 201 participants from either family or individual categories with a total running distance of 2,181 km.

This year Misi Lestari campaign’s theme was mangrove ecosystem conservation. Indonesia has the biggest mangrove ecosystem in the world, with an area of 3.31 million hectares (KLHK, 2020). Mangrove forests have significant ecological functions for both humans and nature. Despite its benefits, the mangrove ecosystem keeps facing stress and challenges to its existence. Therefore, YKAN, through the Misi Lestari campaign, invited the public to be involved in the efforts to conserve mangroves by doing sport-related entertaining activities.

“This Misi Lestari campaign is a form of environmental education application at the family unit level. That is why I wanted to express my appreciation to YKAN for initiating the Misi Lestari campaign, which picked conservation mangrove as its theme this year. Hopefully, this campaign can stir spirits to raise awareness and sense of caring towards the environment and inspire public to be environmental savior, including mangrove protector, in Indonesia,” stated Abdul Kodir, Head of Jakarta BKSDA.

Abdul Kodir also added that the Jakarta BKSDA and YKAN partnered in conserving the mangrove ecosystem through the Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration Alliance (MERA) program. “MERA is an excellent example for an ecosystem-based collaborative management strategy, which includes the restoration and integrated management that involves all related parties. Because truthfully, the duty to conserve mangrove ecosystem cannot only be done by the government, but it is also the responsibility of all us,” added Abdul Kodir.

This campaign is planned to be held annually to invite the public from all community layers to act and create a sustainable Earth collectively. Additionally, YKAN also supported the “The Nature Conservancy Global Photo Contest” event at the end of this August.

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is a global conservation organization dedicated to protecting lands and waters on which all life depends. Its main focuses are mitigating climate change, conserving lands, water bodies, and the ocean on a massive scale that has never been done before, providing sustainable food and water resources, and assisting cities in operating sustainably. At present, TNC is working in 72 countries and regions. As TNC’s main partner in Indonesia, YKAN cooperates with TNC in developing conservation programs, such as developing innovative conservation approaches, conducting scientific studies, and sharing lessons learned.

Global Photo Contest

This Global Photo Contest 2021 has been held from August 1, 2021, to August 31, 2021, with four photo category selections: People and Nature, Water, Wildlife, and Landscape. Aside from winners chosen by judges, there is also a People’s Choice award for a favorite photo selected by public votes that will be held on September 1 – 15, 2021. There would be total rewards of approximately IDR 90 million for ten winners.

Photographers from all levels, amateur or professional, can participate in the TNC Global Photo Contest 2021. Winning photo submissions will be announced in mid-September.

“Photo can convey many things to invoke people’s attention to a certain issue, including nature conservation. Conservation and photography are inseparable, and a photograph is actually a critical tool to record changes that happened. When we are capturing moments in nature, the most important thing to note is not to destruct nature. Indonesia is exceptionally beautiful and home to exceptional biodiversity. You always get something new when you keep taking photos in Indonesia,” said Arbain Rambey, senior photographer.

Regarding the etiquette when taking photographs in the wild, Awaluddinoer, YKAN Bird’s Head Seascape Program Coordinator, who also practices underwater photography, stressed the importance of understanding conservation aspects when taking pictures underwater. ”When taking photographs underwater, we are prohibited from touching or moving an object. We also have to be qualified as a diver. The benefit of underwater photography, aside from getting a great photo, is also learning about the existing biota. Hopefully, from learning about nature, a spirit to always conserve nature is invoked,” added Awaludinnoer.

This evening’s talkshow was closed by Ligwina Hananto, who performed a stand-up comedy session about caring towards nature. At the end of her performance, Ligwina emphasized her message, “Let’s be a part of a better generation, who understands that small things in our life can help conserve nature.”

Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN) is a scientific-based non-profit organization that has been present in Indonesia since 2014. With the mission of protecting lands and waters as life support systems, we provide innovative solutions to realize the harmony of nature and humans through effective natural resource management, prioritizing a non-confrontational approach, and building a network of partnerships with all stakeholders for a sustainable Indonesia. For more information, visit