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Tabalar Muara Village Launches Boneless Milkfish Products

Tangkapan Ikan Bandeng
The catch of milkfish The catch of milkfish by fishermen © PIXABAY
produk bandeng tanpa tulang
Barbless Milkfish Product Berau Regent Muharram (center) accompanied by the Head of the Berau District Fisheries Service, Tenteram Rahayu (right) and the Chairman of BUMK Mandiri Sejahtera Rukmana Paysal (left) brought milkfish products without barbs processed by women from Tabalar Muara Village. © Nugroho Arif Prabowo/YKAN

Kampung Tabalar Muara through the Village-Owned Enterprise (BUMK) Mandiri Sejahtera, launched milkfish products without thorns, on Wednesday (20/11). This event is a series of commemorations of the 6th National Fish Day which was held at the Berau District Fisheries Office, East Kalimantan.

The development of the boneless milkfish business is a partnership between the Berau District Fisheries Service, Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN), SIGAP Sejahtera, and the Tropical Forest Conservation Act (TFCA) program in Tabalar Muara Village, Tabalar District, Berau Regency.

"We are very grateful and appreciate the Fisheries Service Agency, YKAN, and other partners who want to pay attention to us in the village through partnerships with BUMK to advance the community's economy," said Chairman of BUMK Mandiri Sejahtera Rukmana Paysal.

Tabalar Muara Village, Berau Regency, is located in the Coastal Conservation Area and Small Islands of the Derawan Islands and the surrounding waters (KKP3K KDPS), and is in the Sulu Sulawesi seascape which is included in the Coral Triangle area. This water area has high biodiversity and is an important migration route for marine biota with high economic value.

Head of the Berau District Fisheries Service Agency, Tenteram Rahayu, explained that the boneless milkfish produced by Tabalar Muara is also part of the Ikanku Fresh program developed by the Berau District Fisheries Service. Ikanku Fresh is an abbreviation of Fish Worth Consumption Friendly, Economical, Healthy, Hygienic. "This program emphasizes post-harvest processing that provides consumers with fresh, environmentally friendly and hygienic products," added Tenteram.

Berau Regency is also one of the coastal areas that has mangrove forests, which are very important for people's lives and the environment. Berau is also the district with the highest mangrove area in East Kalimantan Province.

“The existence of this boneless milkfish product will increase the income of the farmer's family without having to open a new pond from mangroves. Holding back the rate of clearing of mangroves is important because mangroves are a natural food source for milkfish as well as support the health of the Sulu Sulawesi seascape ecosystem,” explained YKAN Director of Oceans Program Muhammad Ilman.

proses membuat bandeng duri lunak
Milkfish Processed Women in Tabalar Muara Village, Tabalar District, Berau Regency are processing thornless milkfish. © Ade Rachmi Yuliantri/YKAN

The boneless milkfish product processed by women from Tabalar Muara Village is a pioneer for this type of processed product made from milkfish in Berau Regency. So far, boneless milkfish products in Berau Regency are still dominated by other regions.

“The Berau Regency Government always supports product innovations from the community. Hopefully this boneless milkfish product from Tabalar Muara Village can inspire other villages to create products according to the potential of the local village to support the improvement of the community's economy," concluded the Regent of Berau Muharram.

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