Hiu Paus
Hiu Paus Whale shark mouths can contain over 300 rows of tiny teeth and 20 filter pads which it uses to filter feed. © Awaludinnoer

Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara

YKAN's innovative solutions foster harmony between nature and people by implementing effective natural resource management, advocating collaborative approaches, and establishing a network of partners and stakeholders to build a sustainable Indonesia.

MERA program champions Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration Alliance Media Expose. © YKAN

YKAN's Commitments

YKAN's core values underpin its commitment to establishing effective partnerships:

  • Sharing a mutual vision, mission and direction and complementing each another by leveraging our respective strengths and delivering added value
  • Upholding an ethos of mutual respect, reciprocal trust and collective benefits
  • Trusting that established partnerships must be actively and sustainably maintained
  • Understanding that each partnership's achievements should be assessed using mutually agreed terms and appropriate standards
  • Recognizing that partnerships are dynamic and must be able to adapt to changes that affect them
  • Acknowledging partnerships are dynamic and need to adapt to change when necessary
  • Maintaining transparency and active communication
  • Committing to fulfill agreed rights and obligations
  • Recognizing all stakeholders' contributions to the partnership