Oceans Program

Program Kelautan
Cinta Karawapop Lake Salt water lake flanked by three large islands on the left and right, with a small island in the middle. © Awaludinnoer

YKAN supports the sustainable management of 10 million hectares of coastal and marine resources that support sustainable community livelihood and Indonesia’s biodiversity protection with the potential emission reduction of 200,000 tCO2e/year through four main strategies:

  • Pemanenan Rumput Laut Hasil Budidaya Berkelanjutan di Rote, Nusa Tenggara Timur

    Blue Economy

    Blue economy refers to the management of marine natural resources to support sustainable development. Learn more

  • The fishermen are on the boat with their catch according to sustainable fishing methods.

    Sustainable Fisheries

    The management of harvest strategy in FMAs and community-based management in traditional fishery zone is very important so that these fishery resources can be used sustainably. Learn more

  • Planting mangrove in the Muara Angke Wildlife Reserve area

    Coastal Resilience

    Climate change that occurs globally is also felt in numerous coastal areas in Indonesia and causes various adverse impacts, especially for ecosystems and communities in coastal areas. Learn more

  • Misool Raja Ampat Papua Barat, 27 June 2019

    Oceans Protection

    This strategy aims to effectively conserve and restore critical habitats by engaging all community members (adat, women, youth, people with disabilities) and MPA managers. Learn more