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Foreword by YKAN Executive Director

Davelan Love
Dafalen Love A resident passes by in his boat between coral clusters and a lagoon in Misool, Raja Ampat district, West Papua. © Hariandi Hafid/TNC Photo Contest 2019
Herlina Hartanto
YKAN Executive Director Herlina Hartanto © YKAN

Indonesia is a center of global biodiversity. Indonesia’s landscape and seascape are not only the home of a diverse array of species and natural beauties but also a part of cultural roots, supporting the lives of many and economic growths in Indonesia.

The preservation of Indonesia’s natural ecosystems determines the future of the nation. However, with a population of more than 250 million, the rich natural resources in Indonesia face challenges, such as non-eco-friendly natural resources extraction practices, coastal areas development, unsustainable fisheries practices, and climate change, which threaten biodiversity and people’s prosperity. Indonesia is a country with the largest mangrove forest globally, the third-largest tropical rainforest globally, and the largest tropical peatlands in Southeast Asia. These abundant natural resources play a critical role in mitigation efforts against climate change.

Scientific studies that we have conducted with several global conservation organizations showed that more than one-third of global emission reduction could be achieved by developing Natural Climate Solutions, which includes protection efforts and sustainable natural resources management. Therefore, protecting and sustaining natural resources in Indonesia are the main bases for Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara’s (YKAN) conservation programs.

We implement every conservation program through solid partnerships with all stakeholders: government, corporations, academia, non-profit organization, and community groups, as well as locals, from the national to the site levels. We give attention to locals at the site level and encourage community-based conservation. Therefore, locals are not only acting as observers but also actively participating in protecting and conserving nature where they depend their lives on.

Thank you to all partners and communities for their continuous supports of conservation efforts in Indonesia. Together, we can achieve development goals aligned with economic development so that our natural resources and biodiversity keep being protected and preserved for a sustainable Indonesia.


Herlina Hartanto, Ph.D.
Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara Executive Director