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Almina Kacili - Chair of the Women's Sasi Group in Kapatcol Village, Raja Ampat, West Papua

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Almina Kacili is a leader of a women's group actively engaged in nature conservation through the management of the marine sasi area, reflecting local wisdom in the Maluku and Papua regions that emphasizes the prudent and sustainable management of natural resources. The concept of mothers' sasi emerged from observing community sasi practices led by the fathers. In the initial stages, the outcomes of sasi were discouraging due to the selection of inappropriate locations. Only in 2014, with YKAN's support, the mothers achieved significantly better results by choosing sasi locations based on monitoring results indicating the breeding grounds of marine animals.

The management of the sasi area has yielded numerous environmental and socio-economic benefits for the community. An ecological advantage of marine sasi is safeguarding specific species from extinction caused by overexploitation or damage. The women in Kapatcol Village have agreed to periodically close and open the sasi area each year, utilizing the proceeds as needed. The earnings from the open sasi support children's educational needs and create a financial safety net for those facing difficulties.

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