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Darwis - Mangrove Ecosystem Conservationist in Bandar Bakau, Dumai, Riau

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Collaboration is the key to preserving the earth. Darwis has been a caretaker and conservationist of the mangrove ecosystem since 2001, by initiating mangrove planting activities. However, he has carried out public awareness activities about the importance of mangrove conservation since 1999. His beneficial activities include mangrove rehabilitation in Kel. Sesai Base, Dumai City. In addition, he formed a cadre of mangrove care through the nature school which he founded in 2010, building a community that cares about plastic waste in 2011 through the Youth Concern for Waste (TIMPAS) movement, raising awareness about the preservation of coastal ecosystems through art and culture, developing Bandar Bakau as a place for research and development. mangrove education since 2009 and making Bandar Bakau a mangrove ecotourism destination since 2016.

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