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Elia Ambrauw – Customary Figure and Conservation Activist in Kofiau District, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua

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Elia Ambrauw Nature Hero YKAN

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The beauty and natural wealth of Raja Ampat is no longer a secret. However, this will not last long if there are no hands to help preserve it.

Mr. Elia Ambrauw, a traditional leader in Kofiau District, Raja Ampat Regency who always supports conservation programs and actively raises awareness to the community about the importance of preserving nature. According to Mr. Elia, now almost the entire community of Kofiau has understood the importance of conservation and no longer uses fishing gear that is not environmentally friendly. The benefits of preserving nature can also be felt, such as fish that are now abundant, so there is no need to go far to find fish.

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