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Franley Aprilano Oley - Secretary of Merabu Village Forest, Berau, East Kalimantan

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Franley Aprilano

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Merabu Village, spanning 8,245 hectares, holds government-acknowledged management rights as a village forest area. From his time serving as the Village Head in 2014 to his current role as the Secretary of the Village Forest, Franley has seen Merabu Village evolve into an integrated Village Forest through the implementation of the Agrosilvopastoral program. This program aims to foster economic development within the community while ensuring the natural sustainability of the local forest.

The program is implemented through a Village-Owned Enterprise (BUMKAM), which began with the restructuring of Kerima Puri BUMKAM. It encompasses five business units: Rima Wisata Puri, managing the village's ecotourism area; Sinang Puri, overseeing the photovoltaic mini-grid; Danum Puri, providing refillable drinking water; Mini Puri, operating gas stations; and Lemu Puri, managing the local cow farm. These diverse programs serve not only as experiments but also as a platform for a continuous learning process for the residents of Merabu, who predominantly rely on forest products for their livelihoods.

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