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Nixon Watem - Environmental Education Activist in Kofiau, Raja Ampat, West Papua

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Nixon Watem Nature Hero YKAN

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In the past, before understanding the importance of nature conservation, Nixon, along with many others in Kofiau, including environmentally unfriendly fishermen, used toxins from root tubers, potassium, and even explosives for fishing. Additionally, live coral was extracted for constructing houses using iron and crowbars. At the time, people looked for the easiest way to get things done, oblivious to how their actions might harm their marine environment. However, through the help of the Nusantara Nature Conservation Foundation (YKAN), they realized that these practices had to cease. The people of Kofiau now understand they must work with nature wisely and sustainably.

Since 2011, Nixon Watem has been steadfast in imparting the importance of conservation to the children of Kofiau. He remains undeterred by the challenges encountered, including having his house burned down by those opposed to his teachings. Despite such adversity, Nixon believes ample opportunity remains to instill a conservation mindset in young people. He is enthusiastic about guiding and teaching them to cherish nature and preserve it for their future. If the previous generation caused harm, the present generation must strive to restore and conserve.

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