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Nyong Tomia – Chair of the Poassa Nuhada Ecotourism Group, Kulati Village, East Tomia District, Wakatobi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi

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Nyong Tomia, a dedicated individual from Kulati Village in East Tomia District, Wakatobi Regency, has committed his life to nature conservation and community empowerment. Serving as the Secretary of Kulati Village and the leader of the community-based ecotourism group, Poassa Nuhada, Nyong recognizes that Wakatobi has been blessed with abundant natural resources as a divine gift. However, he knows this natural wealth may not be sustainable without wise management.

Wakatobi Regency boasts rich natural resources, historical heritage, arts and culture, making it a potential tourist attraction for domestic and international visitors. Given its status as a National Park spanning 1,390,000 hectares, Wakatobi Regency requires special attention to preserve its natural resources. Tourism development in Wakatobi Regency must be carried out by prioritizing conservation principles that support sustainable livelihoods, protect natural resources and safeguard traditional values and culture.

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