Terrestrial Program Senior Advisor.
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Wahjudi Wardojo

Terrestrial Program Senior Advisor


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    Terrestrial Program Senior Advisor

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Terrestrial Program Senior Advisor

Having 45 years of experience in conservation, forestry, and climate change, Wahjudi Wardojo is the Senior Advisor for the Minister of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia and senior advisor for conservation policies at YKAN. His 45-year career has led him to take various important positions in the conservation and forestry sectors as a high official in the Ministry of Forestry and a high official in other national and international organizations. He was a member of UNESCO Directorate General International Advisory Board for Biosphere Reserves (2004 – 2008) and had led Indonesian delegations to several meetings regarding international forestries, such as UNFCCC, UNFF, UNCBD, IUCN, and FAO. He was also an Advisory Member for Life Science and Technology School, Bandung Institute of Technology (2014 – 2021), and UNESCO World Heritage Committee Expert (2015 – 2019). Since 2017, Wahjudi has been a reviewer of Elsevier International Scientific Journal.

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