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Kakap Merah
Malabar Snapper A fish supplier offers his product (Lutjanus malabaricus) at the fish auction market in Lamongan District, East Java. © Laksmi Larastiti

Global fish stocks are continuously decreasing

An estimated 90% of fisheries worldwide are exhausted or fully exploited. This degradation in fisheries can negatively impact people and the environment.

FishFace Device
Depan Panduan tentang ikan
FishFace An innovation that allows fishers to identify and track their catch using cellular technology.

The main challenge in combatting fisheries overexploitation is the lack of data on the catch's species, the catch's location, and the quantity of the catch. Around 90% of global fisheries do not have data regarding an adequate fish stock.

Facial identification technology is helping to address this challenge through an innovative software application called FishFace. This cutting-edge app enables fishermen to identify and monitor their catches using mobile technology, mitigating the risk of fish misidentification and eliminating the necessity for costly equipment among fishermen. Its significance was underscored in 2016 when it secured the Google Impact Challenge: Australia Award.

FishFace was designed as a smartphone application for use on fishermen's boats worldwide. The app is poised to offer cost-effective technology for identifying fish stocks and generating crucial data to assess and manage fisheries in critical conditions. It aims to bring about positive change for individuals and communities who depend on fisheries for livelihoods and as a food source.


Around 90% of global fisheries do not have data regarding an adequate fish stock