Sunset at Maratua Islands Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. © YKAN

YKAN played an active role in facilitating government in developing concept design, Zoning Plan for Coastals and Small Islands (Rencana Zonasi Wilayah Pesisir dan Pulau-Pulau Kecil or RZWP3K) composition, each stage’s achievements in the development of MPA management in Berau Regency during the MPA management authority status changes twice from regional to provincial level in 2016, and name changes thrice from Berau Marine Conservation Area (Kawasan Konsevasi Laut Berau) (2005), Derawan Island Coastal Park (Taman Pesisir Kepulauan Derawan) (2013), and eventually become Coastal and Derawan Small Islands and Surrounding Marine Conservation Areas (Kawasan Konservasi Pesisir dan Pulau-Pulau Kecil Kepulauan Derawan dan Perairan Sekitarnya or KKP3K KDPS) (2016). The process stages can be seen in this Berau Marine Conservation Areas Timeline.

Furthermore, YKAN also collaborates with KKP3K KDPS managers, Directorate General of Marine Spatial Management – MPA (DJPRL KKP) that work with Maratua Specified National Strategic Area (Kawasan Strategis Nasional Tertentu or KSNT), Berau Regency Tourism Office, and other related parties to achieve sustainable tourism that prioritizes saltwater lake ecosystem conservation.