Terrestrial Program

Sustainable Oil Palm

Hutan Sawit
Among the Palm Oil Plantations Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. © YKAN

Therefore, East Kalimantan Provincial Government had released Regional Regulation No. 3 on Sustainable Plantation Development in 2018. YKAN supports the provincial government’s efforts, especially the provincial plantation agency, in strengthening the commitment of high conservation values areas protection in estate crops plantation designated areas.

YKAN also assists the regency government, especially the regency plantation agency, in coordinating, monitoring, and reporting ANKT management via field inventory and verification.

Unraveling Pepper Marketing Strategy The role of Geographical Indication certificates in the development of the global white pepper market in East Kalimantan. This episode of BINGKA (East Kalimantan Sustainable Plantation Commodity Talk) will discuss the marketing of East Kalimantan white pepper to penetrate global marketing.