Palm Oil
Clamped by Palm Oil Plantation The development of sustainable oil palm plantations begins with good planning, as well as sources of accurate and up-to-date data. The photo was taken in the plantation area of PT Yudha Wahana Abadi, Merapun, Berau. © YKAN


Palm Oil Plantations: Saving What's Left

The government requires companies and planters to obtain ISPO certification, which has been legalized in Presidential Regulation 40 of 2020.

ISPO certification and saving conservation areas are interrelated. One ISPO criteria requires companies to identify, manage, and monitor areas of high conservation value, such as primary forests and peat areas.

In the context of plantations, High Conservation Value Areas, now abbreviated as ANKT, are land or stretches of area with significant biological, ecological, social, and cultural value at the site, regional, national, and global levels.