Mangrove Planting


Support Mangrove Protection Through “Keep Our Oceans Amazing” Campaign

YKAN continues encouraged partnership to support conservation program with more institution. On January 21st, 2023, together with The Nature Resource Conservation Agency (BKSDA) Jakarta Province and Disney, YKAN organized 100 mangrove seedlings planting in Muara Angke Wildlife Reserve. This activity is a part of “keep Our Oceans Amazing” campaign. The “Keep Our Oceans Amazing” campaign was launched globally in November 2022 by the 20th Century Studios and The Walt Disney Company in time with the release of the film Avatar: The Way of Water, and in supporting marine and coastal protection efforts.

A healthy mangrove ecosystem not only increase the resilience of coastal population against climate change but also can minimize disaster impacts, such as tsunami, sea storm and high waves. Indonesia’ role in mitigation and adaptation to climate change is very significant, thus, to protect and restore mangrove is one of important step to do together.