Photo Contest Winners 2023 from Indonesia

A shark creates a hole in a massive bait ball of small fish as it swims through looking for a meal.

Misi Lestari 2023 | See Nature

Forest This incredible green coral with coral polyps swaying in the current resembles the birds eye view of a lush forest, and was found while diving in Raja Ampat, Indonesia in May. © Michele du Plooy/TNC Photo Contest 2023

Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara are proud to announce the winners of the 2023 photo contest from Indonesia.

Your images gave voice to nature and showed us the power and peril of the natural world.

The following photos submitted to our 2023 photo contest captivated our judges the most.


Grand Prize

Ridha Anshari​

Kumpulan crane fly di Kalimantan Selatan
Crane Fly  A collection of flying cranes hanging in its nest, this photo was taken in Balangan district on March 17 2023, when the weather was cloudy and this shot him in the forest. © Ridha Anshari​/TNC Photo Contest 2023


People & Nature

Andry Denisah​

Ternak lebah trigona, lebah trigona termasuk hewan endemik Pulau Sulawesi.
Trigona Bee Farming A Trigona honey bee seeker is checking the honey produced by bees in the cages they have prepared. Before harvesting honey. The Trigona or commonly known as the Klanceng bees are very difficult to find and harder to breed in any area because of their rarity. They are endemic to the island of Sulawesi which produces this honey full of efficacies. © Andry Denisah​/TNC Photo Contest 2023



Pujo Purnomo​

Peziza adalah genus besar jamur saprofit cup yang tumbuh di tanah, kayu yang membusuk, atau kotoran.
Peziza Peziza is a large genus of saprophytic cup fungi that grows in soil, rotting wood, or feces. Most members of this genus are unknown edible and difficult to identify as a separate species without using a microscope. Polyphyletic genus It is estimated to contain more than 100 species. © Pujo Purnomo​/TNC Photo Contest 2023



Tinton Aryo​

Pelepasliaran monyet di Waykambas.
From exploitation to Freedom Last August, I took part in a multi-species release activity in Sumatra, specifically in Waykambas. During the final stage of release, what is left to do is monitoring. I met these 3 monkeys and several others in one group, they are free, roaming the forest as they please. © Tinton Aryo​/TNC Photo Contest 2023



Gunawan Santoso

Seekor burung egret tengah memberi makan anak-anaknya di habitat alaminya.
Feeding Time  An egret is feeding its chicks in their wild habitat. In the past, thousands of species of egrets and other types of water birds thrived in their wild habitat, Rancabayawak, Bandung City, which is now begun to be destructed by the increasing development of luxury housing in the surrounding areas. This destruction causes the decreasing of their numbers more. © Gunawan Santoso/TNC Photo Contest 2023



Aqil Fadhlullah

katak bertanduk dapat ditemukan di hutan hujan Sumatera
Malayan Horned Frog  It is called a horned frog because this frog has long skin protrusions above its eyes that resemble horns and also above its snout, which looks like a long nose. This frog is found in the rainforest of Sumatra, Indonesia. © Aqil Fadhlullah/TNC Photo Contest 2023



Iwan Van Wilan​

Kayu Pulo pulau yang terletak di Teluk Jayapura.
Kayu Pulo  This island is called Kayu Island or the local people usually call it mentions "Kayu Pulo", an island in Jayapura Bay, Jayapura City, Papua Province, is where some people who work as fishermen live. This photo was taken around half past two afternoon local time, with sunny weather conditions. © Iwan Van Wilan​/TNC Photo Contest 2023



Andria Dwi Saputra​

A small bird flies away from a basket shaped nest that dangles from a thin branch. The nest is framed by the greenery of surrounding trees and shrubs.
Drought Water is very important in life, without water all living things and plants on earth will die. The impact of climate change and extreme weather dries up the water. Thus, the ground cracks causing damage to the ecosystem and sustainability. © Andria Dwi Saputra/TNC Photo Contest 2023



Vincent Polii​

Geliat coconout octopus di perairan Pulau Lembeh Bitung, Sulawesi Utara.​
At Home  Photo of coconut octopus taken in Lembeh, Bitung City, North Sulawesi. © Vincent Polii​/TNC Photo Contest 2023



Azizah Magfirah​

Barn swallows sit closely together, filling several power lines. The intersecting lines create a pattern with the crosswalks and other painted markings on the road beneath them.
Swamp Splash This photo was taken in one of the areas swamp in Bararawa village, Paminggir District, North Hulu Sungai Regency, South Kalimantan. This area is one of the habitats of water buffalos. © Azizah Magfirah​/TNC Photo Contest 2023



Muhamad  Akbar​

Keindahan Gunung Semeru, gunung tertinggi di Pulau Jawa.
Top of Java  Semeru Mountain is the highest of all mountains in Java island. © Muhamad  Akbar​/TNC Photo Contest 2023



Machicha Ayu Salsabila​

Laba-laba dalam sarang di pagi hari.
Spider at Home Spiders coming out of it’s nest, morning dewdrops fill the nest. © Machicha Ayu Salsabila/TNC Photo Contest 2023




Burung camar sedang berburu ikan dilaut Jawa.
An Abundance A seagull is preying on fish that are jumping in the Gili waters Labak, Sumenep, Madura. Photo was taken from aboard the Sea Raider during a Coral Reef inspection activity in Gili Labak waters, Sumenep, Madura. December 8, 2015. © Kuwadi​/TNC Photo Contest 2023