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"Misi Lestari 2023: See Nature" Educates the Community Through the Excitement of Running with the Mission

Misi Lestari 2023
Keterangan Foto Para peserta fun run “Misi Lestari 2023: See Nature” bersiap di garis start untuk menyelesaikan sembilan misi yang terdiri dari aktivitas fisik dan pengetahuan umum seputar kegiatan konservasi YKAN. © Della Yulia/YKAN

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The series of programs, "Misi Lestari 2023: See Nature," organized by Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN), has peaked. After the success of the virtual race concept in 2021 and hybrid in 2022, this year, "Misi Lestari 2023: See Nature" presents a fun run concept that invites participants to run in groups to complete nine missions at The Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutera, and several regional points, on Sunday, November 26, 2023.

Carrying a different concept, running participants join groups of a maximum of 5 people. Nine mission posts must be completed: physical activities and general knowledge questions related to YKAN conservation activities. The competition's winner is chosen based on the fastest time to achieve the mission and arrive at the finish line. Participants who receive the most enormous donations will have the opportunity to see the natural beauty of Berau, East Kalimantan.

Para key opinion leaders yang biasa bergerak di kegiatan charity run, yakni Tedjo, Soraya Larasati, Nano, Agnes Yuliavitriani, dan Narita Diyan yang bergabung dalam “Misi Lestari 2023: See Nature” tengah menyelesaikan tugas di salah satu pos misi.
Photo Caption The key opinion leaders who usually take part in charity runs, namely Tedjo, Soraya Larasati, Nano, Agnes Yuliavitriani, and Narita Diyan, who joined the "2023 Lestari Mission: See Nature" are completing tasks at one of the mission posts. © Della Yulia/YKAN

"We continue to strive to educate the public about environmental issues and actions that everyone can take to preserve nature in a fun and inclusive manner. "In this fun run activity, participants can find out more about the water conservation protection program and development of sustainable cocoa commodities in Berau, East Kalimantan, through nine mission posts that test team cohesion and physical fitness and sharpen participants' knowledge," said Astrid Candrasari, Project Director of Sustainable Mission 2023.

The race pack bags distributed to participants contain refreshments and recycled products. Uniquely, this time, participants will not get a new jersey. "YKAN invites participants to wear jerseys that have been used before or other free clothing as long as it is comfortable. "This is a form of YKAN's invitation to participants to take real action to preserve the environment through sustainable fashion," added Astrid.

Starting from The Flavor Bliss area, Alam Sutera, around 200 participants divided into 40 groups were free to develop strategies to complete the mission. The nine mission posts are spread across various points in the Alam Sutera area, passing through the iconic moments of this area. It is known for its green canopy and is synonymous with an ideal runner spot.

Salah satu misi yang harus diselesaikan peserta. Kekompakan, kebugaran fisik, sekaligus asah pengetahuan menjadi hal yang diuji selama acara fun run “Misi Lestari 2023: See Nature”.
Photo Caption One of the missions that participants must complete. Solidarity, physical fitness, and sharpening knowledge were tested during the fun run event "Mission Lestari 2023: See Nature". © Della Yulia/YKAN

"We support the fun run event held in the Alam Sutera area, which aligns with our vision to improve the quality of life for residents and the surrounding community. We apply the ecological planning method, which prioritizes harmony with nature; this concept also fits perfectly with YKAN's series of activities, so it is a strong reason to support the Sustainable Mission 2023. Through this event, we also hope that the public will become more concerned and aware of the importance of nature conservation. So that future generations can still enjoy the nature that gives us life," explained Ch. Rossie Andriani, Corporate Communication Division Head PT Alam Sutera Realty Tbk.

Fundraising is one of the main activities of "Mission Lestari 2023: See Nature" because conservation activities are sustainable activities that all parties support. This is why Ayobantu has become YKAN's leading partner through YKAN's Sustainable Mission since 2021. Agnes Yuliavitriani, CEO of, added, "Sustainable Mission is an activity that we always support because we have the same vision as Ayohelp; we offer a one-stop solution for implementation of events as well as donation activities, which are our main core. "Sobat Lestari can continue its fundraising mission through to support water conservation and commodity development programs in Berau until January 31, 2024."

Para peserta fun run “Misi Lestari 2023: See Nature” bersiap di garis start untuk menyelesaikan sembilan misi yang terdiri dari aktivitas fisik dan pengetahuan umum seputar kegiatan konservasi YKAN.
Photo Caption Participants in the fun run "Mission Lestari 2023: See Nature" prepare at the starting line to complete nine missions consisting of physical activities and general knowledge about YKAN's conservation activities. © Della Yulia/YKAN

All donations will be channeled to support Indonesia's natural preservation, especially the program's sustainability to protect marine conservation areas and develop sustainable cocoa commodities in Berau, East Kalimantan. For more information,, and Instagram @ykan_id.

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