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Environmental Education Workshop for School Teachers in Wakatobi National Park

Workshop pendidikan lingkungan hidup
Photo caption Participants in the environmental education mini workshop at Wakatobi National Park, Thursday, April 25, 2024. © BTNW

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  • Adia Puja Pradana
    Communications Specialist Ocean Program YKAN
    Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara

To strengthen motivation and share knowledge related to environmental education for the younger generation, the Wakatobi Regency Government, Wakatobi National Park Hall (BTNW) Wakatobi, held a mini-workshop for representatives of elementary and middle school teachers in Wakatobi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi, from 25 to 26 April 2024.

This activity, which is supported by the Nusantara Nature Conservation Foundation (YKAN), aims to strengthen teachers' understanding of conservation education books, environmental warrior modules protecting Wakatobi mangroves, and socialization of the zoning of Wakatobi National Park.

Photo Caption The presentation session will be held in a mini environmental education workshop at Wakatobi National Park on Thursday, April 25, 2024. © BTNW

Head of the Student and Character Development Section of the Regional Education and Culture Department of the Wakatobi Regency Education and Culture Service, Darmayanti, said that teaching staff's understanding of conservation efforts is necessary. According to him, teachers can pass on this understanding to students and teachers in their respective schools through learning materials related to the environment.

"It is hoped that the participants, who are representatives of teachers from nine elementary and middle schools in Wakatobi, can better understand the material presented in this workshop. "In the end, an understanding of conservation and environmental efforts can be integrated into learning materials in schools, which is an implementation of the Independent Curriculum through PMM (Free Teaching Program), one of the implementations of which is through P5 (Pancasila Student Profile Strengthening Project)," explained Darmayanti.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Wakatobi National Park Office, Darman, S.Hut, M.Sc said that the Conservation Education program had been well prepared, namely by compiling eight learning modules adopted from management practices, monitoring/monitoring of eight important resource conservation targets in the Park area. Wakatobi National.

"This module has been implemented in several schools in Wakatobi Regency. "This conservation education program is also a form of BTNW support in realizing the Regent's vision and mission to make Wakatobi a Sentosa Maritime Conservation District," said Darman.

Likewise, Head of the National Park Management Section (SPTN) Region III Tomia-Binongko, Iwanuddin, SP., M.Sc. explained that in this mini workshop activity, apart from providing an understanding regarding the contents of books or conservation education modules, BTNW also emphasized knowledge of eight essential resources that are conservation targets in Wakatobi National Park, namely coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass and seagrass. , spawning areas for fish, marine mammals, shorebirds, turtles, and economically important fish.

"In this activity, BTNW and YKAN put more emphasis on the substance of knowledge of the eight important resources in Wakatobi National Park, not on technical methods of learning, teaching, or program integration. "To protect the important resources in Wakatobi National Park, BTNW needs to invite all parties, including teachers who are representatives, to pass on this understanding to the younger generation and students from an early age," explained Iwanuddin.

This workshop is packaged by providing informative material that emphasizes the role and benefits of the eight essential resources of the Wakatobi National Park for daily life and by presenting videos of BTNW's routine activities related to conservation. Participants actively provide questions and feedback on the material or information presented during the material session. Not a few of the questions asked were related to their teaching experience.

The workshop activities ended with interactive games, mangrove nursery practices, and a visit to the semi-natural turtle hatching demonstration plot belonging to BTNW in Waha Village to see the turtle conservation process firsthand. Teachers hope to gain additional knowledge and inspiration in formulating future classroom learning through this series of activities. Another hope is the formation of a network and increased encouragement of their conservation participation, not only as educators but also as people living in the Wakatobi National Park Area.

Environmental education for the younger generation

The Wakatobi Regency Government, together with BTNW and YKAN, often echoes efforts to protect the environment from an early age. Besides publishing the book "Guide to Environmental Warriors, Wakatobi Mangrove Guardians" for elementary and middle school students, YKAN and BTNW often hold environmental education activities involving students in the Wakatobi National Park area.

The book "Guide to Environmental Warriors, Wakatobi Mangrove Guardians" apart from containing scientific knowledge about the environment, also invites students to go on adventures in nature to directly observe the biota and life in the mangrove ecosystem in groups and play interactive games related to environmental knowledge. Students were invited to pledge their conservation spirit in the form of environmental warriors promising to keep the Wakatobi mangroves sustainable so they can continue to be enjoyed.

YKAN Wakatobi Program Coordinator La Ode Arifudin said that this mini workshop activity for teachers was one of the supports from YKAN and BTNW to strengthen understanding regarding the environment among the young generation in Wakatobi in managing natural resources sustainably.

Photo Caption Participants in the environmental education mini workshop at Wakatobi National Park, Thursday, April 25, 2024. © BTNW

YKAN consistently strives to support and partner with BTNW in overseeing the sustainable management of natural resources in the Wakatobi National Park area. According to La Ode Arifudin, this effort requires strong collaboration and synergy from various parties supported by data on natural resource potential, including embracing educators and the younger generation.

"We hope that the various efforts and support that YKAN provides through environmental education can positively impact the young generation in Wakatobi so that people are more motivated to protect natural resources and the environment for shared prosperity," he concluded.


The book “Panduan Pendekar Lingkungan, Penjaga Mangrove Wakatobi” can be seen here

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