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Showing Indonesia's Natural Beauty, YKAN Holds the Best Photo Exhibition from Indonesia in the Global Photo Contest

Foto Kontes Terbaik dari Indonesia
Keterangan Foto Suasana Dialog Konservasi “Misi Lestari 2023 : See Nature” sekaligus pembukaan pameran Local Photo Contest di Senayan City pada Selasa, 14 November 2023 © YKAN

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Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN) is holding an exhibition of 150 of the best photos from Indonesian photographers who participated in a global photo competition through the series "Misi Lestari 2023: See Nature." Visitors can enjoy Indonesia's natural beauty, which has been immortalized through a lens from 13-19 November 2023, at Senayan City on the Lower Ground floor. Besides the photo exhibition, YKAN held a series of coaching clinics and talk shows by photo competition judges and partners.

This year, YKAN also supports the Global Photo Contest activities held by its global partner, The Nature Conservancy, from August 30 to September 29, 2023. This year's photo competition with the theme "See Nature" was attended by around 192 thousand participants from various countries, including Indonesia. No less than 23 thousand photos from Indonesia were uploaded to this global event, and 150 of them were selected to participate in a local photo contest with judges known to be skilled in the field of photography. The 2023 Lestari Mission Local Photo Contest judges are Arbain Rambey, Riza Marlon, and Marrysa Tunjung Sari.

"This local photo contest has 12 winners from each category and one main winner. "The main winner had the opportunity to visit Berau, one of YKAN's work locations," explained YKAN Communications Director Priscilla Christin.

Following are the winners from each category:

  1. People and Nature: Andry Denisah
  2. Plants and Fungi: Pujo Purnomo
  3. Mammals: Tinton Aryo
  4. Bird: Gunawan Santoso
  5. Reptiles & Amphibians: Aqil Fadhlullah
  6. Aerials: Iwan van Wilan
  7. Climate: Andria Dwi Saputra
  8. Underwater: Vincent Polii
  9. Fresh Water: Azizah Magfirah
  10. Lands: Muhamad Akbar
  11. Insects & Arachnids: Machicha Ayu Salsabila
  12. Oceans: Kuwadi

Grand Prize Winner: Ridha Ansari

Foto pemenang utama dimenangkan oleh Ridha Anshari yang mengabadikan kumpulan crane fly yang bergantungan di sarangnya.
Photo Caption The grand prize winner's photo was by Ridha Anshari, who captured a collection of crane flies hanging in their nest. © Ridha Anshari/TNC Photo Contest 2023

Mission for Nature

Apart from the technical side, the judges assessed several essential qualities of each photo, including honesty, originality of ideas, and the difficulty or rarity of getting the moment or object of the picture. "The photographer's honesty when capturing an image determines the value of a photo. "The results of the setting or not, whether it hurts animals or violates ethical rules for photographing animals, is part of our consideration," explained Riza Marlon, a seasoned photographer who is also a pioneer in the world of wildlife photography during a talk at the Conservation Dialogue which also officially opened the photo exhibition, on Tuesday (14/11).

During the exhibition, YKAN will also present a coaching clinic with each jury to dissect and explore photography techniques and concepts with local judges on 16-17 November 2023.

"We welcome the enthusiasm of photography enthusiasts in Indonesia and congratulate them on the photos selected as the best photos. We hope that through this photo activity with the theme "See Nature," people can see the natural beauty of Indonesia and foster a collective spirit to preserve the archipelago's natural beauty so that the next generation can enjoy it. "There is still an opportunity for all of us to take real action to show our concern for efforts to protect Indonesia's nature through the peak event of the Lestari Mission, namely the fun run," added Priscilla.

The fun run event, part of Misi Lestari's annual agenda, will be held again on Sunday, November 26, 2023, at Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutera. Ch. Rossie Andriani, Corporate Communication Division Head of PT Alam Sutera Realty Tbk, added, "We support "Misi Lestari 2023: See Nature" because it is following Alam Sutera's vision, which always prioritizes harmonization with nature and innovation to fulfill a quality life, including a healthier life, educational, and fun."

Carrying a different concept, running participants join groups of a maximum of 5 people and must complete nine mission posts spread across the running track. The competition's winner is chosen based on the fastest time to achieve the mission and arrive at the finish line. Participants who pocket the most enormous amount of donations will have the opportunity to see the beauty of Berau, East Kalimantan.

Suasana Dialog Konservasi “Misi Lestari 2023 : See Nature” sekaligus pembukaan pameran Local Photo Contest di Senayan City pada Selasa, 14 November 2023
Photo Caption The atmosphere of the Dialog Konservasi "Misi Lestari 2023: See Nature" as well as the opening of the Local Photo Contest exhibition in Senayan City on Tuesday, November 14, 2023. © YKAN

Runners can register in groups or individually via the website (Misi Lestari 2023 - Event by making an unlock donation of IDR 300,000.- Each participant will get a BIB number, medal, race pack bag, refreshment, and opportunity to get exciting door prizes & giveaways.

The registration period for the fun run runs from October 24 to November 19, 2023, with fundraising activities to be carried out until December 31, 2023. All donations will be channeled to support Indonesia's natural conservation, especially the sustainability of the water conservation area protection program and the development of cocoa commodities based on forest area protection in Berau, East Kalimantan.

For more information, please visit, Instagram @ykan_id, or Facebook Nusantara Nature Conservation Foundation.

Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN) is a scientific-based non-profit organization that has been present in Indonesia since 2014. With the mission of protecting lands and waters as life support systems, we provide innovative solutions to realize the harmony of nature and humans through effective natural resource management, prioritizing a non-confrontational approach, and building a network of partnerships with all stakeholders for a sustainable Indonesia. For more information, visit