Protocol for Measuring Soil Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in Tropical Peatlands

Photo caption Protocol for Measuring Soil Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in Tropical Peatlands by NCS Team © YKAN
By NCS Team

Peatland has great potential in mitigating climate change, where if optimized it will be able to contribute around 960 ± 15.4 MtCO2e yr-1 in 2030 which can support the achievement of Indonesia's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Therefore, it is important to carry out studies related to GHG emissions to strengthen knowledge and data bases, especially on tropical peatlands. This manual was prepared to provide guidance to the public who wish to carry out activities related to measuring and monitoring GHG emissions. The manual was written by combining literature studies related to measuring GHG emissions and information related to gas measuring equipment with the field experience we have gained in measuring GHG emissions.

The manual explains the important reasons why GHG emission measurements are carried out and how common measurement techniques are carried out. It also explains what GHG and environmental variables are measured. We also convey the various gas measuring tools that we use, where we also attach complete information regarding the tools and also the advantages and disadvantages of each tool as a consideration in selecting the tool. One of the important things in this manual is information regarding what things have been prepared based on our experience in the field which will be useful for researchers and practitioners when starting GHG emission measurement and monitoring activities. At the end of the manual, we explain how to analyze data obtained from measurements including formulas and data management.

Author                :Nisa Novita, Adi Gangga, Adibtya Asyhari, Chandra Agung Septiadi Putra, Rasis Putra Ritonga, Satria Oktarita, Samantha Yeo
Published           : December 2023
Publisher            : Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara 
Editors                : Erin Poor
Cover Artists     : Wahyu Hidayat
Genres                : non-fiction