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Albert Dethan - Head of NGO Pelita Kasih, Rote Ndao, East Nusa Tenggara

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Albert Dethan Nature Hero YKAN

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Before founding the NGO Pelita Kasih, Pak (Mr.) Albert engaged in various community assistance activities, including serving as a facilitator for the PNPM program. He also managed a seaweed trading business, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the seaweed trade in Rote.

Sharing a common vision with Nusantara Nature Conservation Foundation (YKAN), it wasn't long before YKAN, Pak Albert, and the NGOs he established started collaborating. He has contributed significantly to the program over nearly two years as a YKAN partner. For instance, he successfully persuaded the seaweed farming community in his village to abandon destructive seaweed cultivation practices such as coral gouging, uprooting seagrass plants, and using mangrove wood as stakes for seaweed cultivation. Nearly all have stopped using mangrove wood as stretch stakes and removing seagrass plants.

Additionally, he excelled as a partner to the seaweed farmers by conducting training activities on proper seaweed cultivation practices, providing advice and advocating for the inclusion of community-led seaweed cultivation activities in the village development plan.

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