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Albert Dethan - Head of NGO Pelita Kasih, Rote Ndao, East Nusa Tenggara

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Prior to establishing the NGO Pelita Kasih, Mr. Albert worked in various activities related to community assistance. Among them are PNPM program facilitators. He has also run a seaweed trading business so that he knows more or less the ins and outs of the seaweed trade in Rote.

Pak Albert has the same vision as YKAN, so it didn't take long for YKAN and Pak Albert, along with the NGOs he founded, to work together. For almost two years as a YKAN partner, he has contributed a lot to the program. For example, he succeeded in convincing the community (seaweed farmers) in his village to no longer carry out destructive seaweed cultivation practices such as gouging corals, uprooting seagrass plants, and using mangrove wood as stakes for a stretch of seaweed.

Especially for the practice of using mangrove wood as stretch stakes and removing seagrass plants, almost all cultivators in Oelolot Village no longer do it. He also succeeded in carrying out his duties as a partner to provide training activities on how to cultivate seaweed in accordance with the standards of proper cultivation practices to farmers and encourage seaweed cultivation activities carried out by the community to be included in the village development plan (RPJMDes).

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