Job Vacancy

Community-Based Business Development Manager

Pohon Jelutung

The Community-based Business Development Manager will work closely with internal and relevant external parties to initiate business incubation and develop selected non-timber business in YKAN’s terrestrial working areas. 

This may include the following functions:

  • Lead business incubation and development of all potential non-timber business in YKAN’s terrestrial working areas by working closely with local communities and the rest of YKAN team.
  • Lead preparation of detailed business plans and feasibility studies and detailed engineering design (DED) for selected non-timber business by working with internal and consulting teams.
  • Support supervision of consultants that might be engaged for different feasibility studies, including business and investment analysis, DED, stakeholder consultations etc.
  • Connect with entire value chain for non-timber and carbon business models starting from farmers until off-takers and develop overall investment and implementation plans. This shall require primary information collection by identifying and engaging with several stakeholders across the value chain.
  • Connect the market demand side stakeholders, including but not limited to potential off takers, Indonesian corporates, aggregators and traders, certifications providers (including BPOM, Halal, Organic certifications, etc.), packaging providers, logistics and warehousing companies, etc. to support information collection and partnership development for YKAN’s selected sustainable non-timber commodities business model.
  • Collaborate with relevant internal teams to mobilize all required resources (including equipment, vendors, human resources, etc.) to initiate production, including but not limited to harvest, processing, packaging, branding, logistics, warehousing, shipping, etc.
  • Deliver advice towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the production processes of selected non-timber business.
  • Explore and develop partnerships with other market players (like corporates, traders, start-ups, communities, etc) to implement non-timber business models.
  • Explore and develop relationships with other organizations (non-profits, foundations, development organizations) that are active in this sector in Indonesia. This includes, but not limited to, IDH, SystemIQ, Fairventures, GGGI, UNEP TLFF, Earthworm foundation, CLUA, Rabo Foundation, etc.

The Community-based Business Development Manager reports to the Impact Investment Senior Manager and is based in Jakarta, with frequent travel to respective YKAN work areas in other provinces.


  • Bachelor's degree and 5 years’ experience in a private sector environment, such as management consulting and investment banking, or with a leading conservation organization or government entity, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Experience developing and implementing complex projects and strategic initiatives in an unstructured environment.
  • Experience leading and managing large scale projects, including working with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Experience negotiating complex agreements.

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