Beyond the river Berau regency, East Kalimantan © Ahmad Fuadi

Natural Climate Solution is a series of mitigation efforts based on natural resources that cover the protection of forest and wetlands, forest management improvement, and forest, peatland, and mangrove ecosystems restoration. Not only focusing on deforestation prevention, NCS in Indonesia can covers six strategies: reforestation, degraded peatlands rewetting, peatland damages prevention, mangrove restoration, mangrove damage prevention, and sustainable forest management.

Based on global studies, NCS can contribute to more than one-third of global emission reduction targets. A study conducted by YKAN and Socio-Economy, Policies, and Climate Change Research and Development Center, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, in April 2021 found that the emission reduction potential in Indonesia from NCS is 1.4 gigatons CO2e per year. This potential is the highest among other tropical countries. Mangrove ecosystem covers 3% of emission reduction potential; 30% contributions from forestry sectors and 67% contributions from peatlands to achieve the national targets.

Peatland as a Natural Climate Solution strategy Based on the results of the study of Natural Climate Solutions (NCS), peatlands have the greatest potential, which is 67%, to contribute to emission reductions in Indonesia when compared to other potentials in the NCS.