Terrestrial Program

Community-Based Natural Resources Management

Dayak Mapnan
Dayak Mapnan Using leaves and twigs as communication tools and markers in the forest. © Christianus Djoka

Community-Based Natural Resources Management

YKAN supports the empowerment of village communities, whose lives depend on forest and lands, to protect and manage forest natural resources sustainably for their welfare and prosperity.

These efforts to increase community welfare are conducted through development of forest-friendly commodities and community products produced by females and youths.

These community empowerment supports are part of Community  Inspiring Actions for Change or SIGAP (Aksi Inspiratif Warga untuk Perubahan).


East Kalimantan Social Forestry Achievements Through the social forestry scheme, community groups in East Kalimantan until June 2021 have the right to manage 193,846.75 hectares of forest area.