The Ministry of Finance Supports Ecotourism and Environmentally Friendly Livelihood Programs

Since 2019, YKAN supported the community-based mangrove protection and restoration program. Since then, two villages, Pegat Batumbuk and Teluk Semanting in Berau Regency, have received funding support from YKAN’s partner PT Sarana Multi Infrastrukutur (PT SMI) to implement Shrimp Carbon Aquaculture (SECURE) and Sustainable Mangrove Ecotourism programs.  

Government Investment for Greener Environment © YKAN

In December 2022, The Ministry of Finance officially appointed the two villages as a part of Desa Sinergi program, which is the program funded by the ministry. The SECURE program focuses on restoring the function of shrimp ponds to become mangrove forests again. This program is projected to reduce CO2 by 5,940 tons of CO2 within 10 years and rehabilitate 756 hectares of mangrove forests.

This program is also expected to improve the economy of shrimp farmers through more effective and efficient pond management methods. Meanwhile, the Sustainable Mangrove Ecotourism program is expected to develop local tourism which aims to support local Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM), through culinary, homestay, and craft (batik with natural mangrove coloring). In addition, this program helps increase the biomass of fish and crabs and supports the conservation of proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus), which are endemic to Kalimantan. Through this collaboration, all parties can participate in supporting nature conservation efforts in Kalimantan, especially in the mangrove area.