Pemandangan Hutan Kalimantan Timur
Landscape Scenic view in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. © Nick Hall


Aligning Ecological and Developmental Needs

Quote: Musnanda Satar

Development is a necessity. Regulatory scenarios in land use planning allow development to proceed without impacting the environment in the future.

Development is often accused of being the primary source of ecosystem damage resulting in the release of carbon emissions and loss of habitat for the richness of biodiversity. Efforts to harmonize the needs of ecology and development have always been a hot issue that fills the discussion forums. The Indonesian government is prioritizing efforts to reduce carbon emissions and curb global warming through various strategies.

One of Indonesia's strategies to achieve zero carbon emissions (net zero emission) is to initiate the FOLU Net Sink 2030, which is a declaration of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the fisheries sector and other land uses. In September 2022, Indonesia also raised its Nationally Recognized Contributions (NDC) target to 31.89 percent on its own and 43.20 percent with global support in 2030.

Opinion Editorial by Musnanda Satar