Bornean orangutan The habitat of the Bornean Orangutan is in tropical rainforest areas on the island of Borneo, in lowland areas to mountainous areas with an altitude of 1,500 m. © YKAN


Storytelling for Orang Utan Conservation

Quote: Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Story is the most beautiful medium in the oral tradition of the archipelago.

Such a powerful statement and full of meaning, childhood is decorated with fairy tales about flora, fauna, and the universe. Father and Mother are storytellers for their children. Also, Haning faithfully narrates the world's wonders to children in Ketapang Regency, West Kalimantan.

Telling stories, putting on puppet shows, and singing happily with the children are Haning's ways of serving nature, especially preserving orangutans. Stories, songs, and puppet shows with the theme of the orangutan, an endangered primate species.

She was exploring Rivers and forests, taking long journeys to meet the children who live side by side with orangutan habitat. Haning has always kept his promise for sustainability, which he considers not a job but a responsibility for the future.

Communities and children who live side by side with the forest bear the burden of protecting and preserving forest farmers. Orangutans are known as forest farmers because they are tireless and selfless; they sow seeds that will later be called tree crowns (new trees) every day. It is also undeniable that orangutans and forests are the breath of all creatures.

Haning's tenacity is the motivation for all of us to be able to continue to be involved in environmental conservation actions, in whatever way we form movement, still with one goal, the preservation of our nature.

*Haning Pertiwi was selected as one of the recipients of the Nature Award given by YKAN based on the story competition 'Women for Nature' in commemoration of Earth Day 2022.