sosialisasi biota air tawar
Photo caption Socialization of Research Results on the Potential Biodiversity of Aquatic Biota in Muara Siran and Kelay River, in Samarinda. © YKAN


The richness of freshwater biota in East Kalimantan

A group of researchers from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) and YKAN conducted a comprehensive study on the biodiversity of freshwater biota in Muara Siran and Sungai Kelay in Samarinda, East Kalimantan. This research, which involved extensive fieldwork and data collection, was conducted throughout the year 2023, and the findings were presented in mid-2024.

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The study marks the initial step in documenting the unique and rich biodiversity of freshwater ecosystem biota in East Kalimantan. It addresses the fact that freshwater ecosystems (rivers, lakes, and swamps) in this region harbor high biodiversity, often overlooked in conservation efforts. The topography of Borneo, surrounded by large rivers and lakes, provides a haven for this unique freshwater biota.

Photo Caption The dissemination of the research findings on the potential biodiversity of aquatic biota in Muara Siran and Sungai Kelay, Samarinda, took place on May 7, 2024. © YKAN

The research focused on Sungai Kelay within the PT Wana Bakti Persada Utama (PT WBPU) area and Muara Siran Village, which retains well-preserved lakes and peat swamps in East Kalimantan. Findings indicated that Sungai Kelay in the PT WBPU area is home to 39 fish species and 5 crustacean species. Researchers discovered 57 fish species and 5 crustacean species in the Muara Siran Village landscape. Among these, 51 fish species and 4 crustacean species are native to Indonesia, while the remainder are introduced species. Some introduced species, such as Nile tilapia, common carp, and goldfish, are invasive and easily found in the Muara Siran Village and its surroundings. Other non-native species include catfish, Siamese fighting fish, and gourami.

Photo Caption One of the freshwater fish species showcased at the Biodiversity Potential Research Dissemination on Aquatic Biota in Muara Siran and Kelay River, Samarinda, May 7, 2024. © YKAN

The study's results are poised to significantly influence policy recommendations for the conservation of endemic species, particularly those endangered, and support the implementation of Green Development in East Kalimantan.