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Current Nature for Future: Green Lifestyle to Reduce Carbon Footprint

DK 45 YKAN x Senayan City
DK 45: YKAN x Senayan City © YKAN

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Climate change affects the world, causing extreme weather events such as floods, intense heat waves, torrential rains, and rapidly changing climate conditions. To limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and achieve carbon neutrality, as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the 2015 Paris Agreement recommended, it is crucial to understand where carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions come from that actions to reduce emissions can be taken. So what does a carbon footprint mean, and why is it relevant in this context?

Therefore, Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN), together with Senayan City Mall, held a Conservation Dialogue with the theme "Alam Kini untuk Nanti: Gaya Hidup Hijau untuk Mengurangi Jejak Karbon" as a form of public awareness about carbon footprint, its impact and how to acknowledge. Saturday, March 25, 2023, at the Senayan City Atrium.

Photo Caption Vania Herlambang hosted as YKAN's Nature Ambassador, also discussed the processes carried out by companies producing rayon or textiles. © YKAN

The discussion, which was held in public, discussed the calculation of carbon footprints and the implementation of sustainable living from the experiences of various parties, including business people, environmental NGOs, and community organizations. The carbon footprint is the amount of emissions or greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide) produced by various human activities at a particular time. With increasing population and tracking, the carbon footprint is increasing and affecting the Earth's climate. It relates to the actions of individuals, communities, organizations, production processes, or services. Such an individual's carbon footprint can be referred to as the total amount of greenhouse gases produced by our actions, such as transportation, household activities, clothing, and food.

"Not everyone realizes that activities and daily life contribute to the carbon footprint on this planet. The higher the carbon footprint we produce, the higher the negative footprint we give to the Earth," explained Rasis Putra Ritonga at the event's start. "The role of all parties is the key to an essential change for the good of nature and humans," he added.

The event, which Vania Herlambang hosted as YKAN's Nature Ambassador, also discussed the processes carried out by companies producing rayon or textiles that turn yarn raw materials into fashion products. It requires optimal awareness and effort, both on the part of producers and consumers, to realize changes in lifestyle behavior that are more environmentally friendly.

"Starting from the last two years, Senayan City has implemented the CONSCIOUS: A New Way of Thinking program, with various programs, events, and talk shows providing a deeper understanding of the importance of changing lifestyles to be better and care more about nature. Senayan City also participates to be more active in inviting tenants and visitors to take part in changes for the Earth. Senayan City also campaigns for good things that visitors can adopt. Some of the activities Senayan City has carried out include up-cycled fashion talks with Indonesian designers, conscious eating & healthy lifestyle with doctors and experts in the fields of health, food, and nutrition, then food, waste, and compost programs to #SCHEALTH, which invites visitors to exercise and share education. Senayan City always facilitates foundations/social organizations by providing a place to invite and educate Senayan City visitors to participate in activities that care for nature and a healthy lifestyle. With this routine activity, it is hoped that we can continue to educate and invite more people to continue to care about nature and adopt a healthy lifestyle every day," said Halina, Leasing & Marketing Communication Director of Senayan City.

Photo Caption Dialog Konservasi with the theme “Alam Kini untuk Nanti: Gaya Hidup Hijau untuk Mengurangi Jejak Karbon." Photo group. © YKAN

This Conservation Dialogue invites us to be more aware of the importance of individual roles and collaboration between parties to reduce carbon footprints and save our planet. "Activities to reduce the carbon footprint can be carried out in various ways, including supporting YKAN's nature conservation program," concluded Astrid Candrasari, YKAN's Head of Membership.

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