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Sustainable Forest Management

Pemetaan Hutan
HPH Areal Tagged tree at the number four concession logging area in the Kalimantan region of Borneo, Indonesia where a logging company has been given permit to proceed with RIL. © Nick Hall
Pengukuran Hasil Tebang
Sustainable Management of Production Forests We support sustainable production forest management by forestry concessions through strengthening production aspects such as forestry planning for the implementation of low-impact logging and carbon emissions.

We support sustainable forest management by forestry concession and forest area governance through Sustainable Forest Management Tools (SFM Tools) development that covers aspects such as production, social, environmental, and conflict resolution.

This strategy also develops innovation to reduce emission in the natural production forest concession by using a reduced impact logging carbon (RIL-C) methodology developed through a series of long-term forestry research.

To prepare for the new era of Indonesian forestry that does not depend on timber as the sole product of forestry, YKAN supports the development of multi-business by natural production forest concession through wood waste utilization.