Photo caption The harvest of sasi in Kapatcol Village, Raja Ampat, is a tradition of harvesting marine life after the prohibition period. © Adia Puja Pradana/YKAN


19 years of partnership with the tribal council & religious institutions in Kapatcol Village

The targeted and effective assistance provided by YKAN in Kapatcol Village, West Misool District, Raja Ampat Regency, has significantly improved the community's well-being. Yesaya Kacili, a religious leader in Kapatcol Village and Pastor of the Elim Kapatcol Evangelical Christian Church (GKI), has personally witnessed and acknowledged this.

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According to Yesaya, the programs initiated by YKAN in 2009 have had many positive impacts on preserving the sea around Kapatcol Village. In the past, said Yesaya, many marine biotas were nearly extinct due to environmentally unfriendly fishing practices, such as using bombs or poison and dismantling coral reefs. "YKAN came with an understanding that changed the community's behavior, from previously using potassium and root poison to catch fish to only using fishing rods. The Waifuna women's group has been formed and actively participates in preserving the sea through the sasi tradition," said Yesaya.

Generasi muda Kelompok Sasi Perempuan Waifuna, Yolanda Kacili (kiri) dan Yonance Hay (kanan), bersama hasil tangkapan mereka pada buka sasi di Kampung Kapatcol, Distrik Missol Barat, Kabupaten Raja Ampat, Provinsi Papua Barat Daya, Senin, 25 Maret 2024.
Photo Caption The members of the Waifuna sasi group, Kapatcol, with their harvest results. © Adia Pradana/YKAN
Photo Caption Yesaya Kacili, religious leader in Kapatcol Village and Pastor of the Evangelical Christian Church (GKI) Elim Kapatcol. © Adia Puja Pradana/YKAN

The involvement of the Matbat tribal council and religious institutions in these conservation activities has created a positive impact. "Together with YKAN, we provide understanding and seek solutions for the community so that they understand and abandon the destructive habits they used to practice," he explained. Unsurprisingly, the community values the partnership with YKAN in Kapatcol very highly, as they have come to understand the concept of sustainable marine utilization and experience the positive impacts of a well-preserved environment.